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The Schlosswerkstatt

[This is the coworking space]

The Schlosswerkstatt is a coworking and event space in Immenstadt Castle in the center of Immenstadt im Allgäu, a three-minute walk from the train station. The lock workshop enables you to work in a concentrated and creative manner in the various areas. Whether in the open space work area, in the individual offices, in the retreat and conference rooms or in the community kitchen - there is enough space for focused and/or joint work and informal exchange with others. The networking of the coworkers is promoted through events and a communicative environment. The furnishings are stylish, high-quality, ergonomic, comfortable and designed to make the coworkers feel good. We are happy to look after you personally and look forward to seeing you!


  • 200 m² for creative coworking

  • 6 flex desk spaces, 4 fixed desk spaces, 5 individual offices

  • 3 representative meeting rooms

  • Fully equipped kitchen with community dining table

  • Workplaces also in quiet outdoor areas

  • Lounge and telephone boxes

  • 24/7 access including your own key (depending on rate)

  • Barrier-free access

  • Shower 

  • Location in Immenstadt Castle –
    directly at Marienplatz in the center of the city

  • Castle restaurant with lunch, café and dinner 


  • Coffee and water flat rate

  • Internet / wifi

  • Printer / Scanner / Copier (Fair Print) 

  • Beamer, TV, television, monitors, keyboards
    (depends on availability)

  • Height adjustable desk
    Fixed desks and individual offices

  • Office supplies (pens, paper, etc.)

  • Free usage quotas for the meeting rooms
    (tariff dependent; reservation required)

  • Weekly cleaning


individual office

In our lockable individual offices you will find the peace and privacy you need for your business. A height-adjustable desk awaits you there, an ergonomic and multi-adjustable desk chair, lockable cupboards and mobile containers, a daylight lamp with a motion sensor and an additional dimmer. The small chill-out corner with a comfortable lounge chair and a practical side table provides variety in the room and in your seating options. Each individual office can be ventilated separately through its own window.

From €359/ month


Your own, permanently assigned workplace is hidden behind the fixed desk in the open space area of the lock workshop. Here you can call your own a height-adjustable desk as well as an ergonomic and multi-adjustable desk chair. You can also access your own mobile and lockable document container. All important documents, folders and your personal belongings can be safely stowed away here.

From €249/ month


flex desk

Our Flexdesk option consists of a large community table that can accommodate up to six people and four individual, height-adjustable desks. You can then see which space is available on site. If you would like to secure your permanent place in the open space area, you can do this using the "Fixdesk" booking option.

You can work comfortably on the adjustable desk chairs in the open space area. The place is right for you if you visit the lock workshop as an alternative to working from home and office from time to time or on a weekly basis. If you want to store your personal belongings on site, you can rent a locker for it.

Single booking: 1x 25€/ 5x 75€ / 10x 135€

Month: from 130€

Jetzt kannst Du die Schlosswerkstatt direkt online besichtigen: 


Klick Dich durch unseren Space und bekomme einen ersten Eindruck von unseren Möglichkeiten. Zu einer persönlichen Besichtigung oder einem Try Out Tag laden wir Dich natürlich auch jederzeit ein!

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